Need more clients? Tips for keeping your class action law firm at the top of Google maps

Google Maps is a powerful way of growing your business locally and winning new clients. Those who’re targeting the local market, are completely aware of its importance and they also know that local SEO ranking isn’t a piece of cake. There are multiple factors involved that help you rank higher in local search results.

Seo Optimization for Google Maps Section is easier than many other techniques. If you want to rank higher in the Google Maps for a particular location, then you’ve come to the right place because here we’re going to share some helpful tips with you that will help you rank higher in the Google maps.

Ranking higher in the Google maps will also help you boost your search engine ranking. Let’s take a look at the tips that’ll help you reach the top position in Google maps.

Verify your information on “Google My Business”

If you want to improve your ranking in Google Maps, you must provide all the information to the Google that you can possibly gather. Your listing must be accurate and complete. You must add the complete contact information of your law firm.

The contract information may include the contact number, website, street address etc. It’ll help Google understand your business and show it to the relevant users.

If you’ve used Google Maps, you must have seen that the opening and closing time of a business is clearly mentioned in there. You must enter the business hours as well if you want to improve your ranking in Google maps.

Businesses with multiple locations and phone numbers will be discredited from Google therefore, you must avoid this practice.

Get Google Reviews

Consider getting positive reviews from your clients as the trustworthiness of a business is increased with the help of customer reviews. And Google also uses this factor to rank a business higher in its search engine and Google Maps. You must keep in mind that you cannot turn off the customer reviews once you turn them on so be very careful when making this decision.

People have all the rights to pass their opinion and you won’t be able to stop what they’re saying about you whether it’s in your favor or against you. So, reviews are not only good for your law firm but bad as well, therefore, you should be careful enough before making this decision.

Properly Categorize Your Business

You get the opportunity to describe your business with a particular keyword when you create a Google Maps listing. There is a fact that many business owners aren’t familiar with that you can add five additional categories there.

You should use the primary category for the main classification of your business while in the other five categories you should add other keywords that describe your business.

Using these elements carefully will help you keep your law firm at the top of Google Maps so that you may win more leads.