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A Class Action Complaint has been filed against Meta Financial Group, Inc. . Attorneys initiating this class action litigation have elected not to publish notice of commencement of this securities class action lawsuit on the Class Action World Web Site, and not to use Class Action World’s e-mail notification service to inform registrants of this pending securities class action lawsuit. If you wish, you may view a copy of the filed securities class action complaint here. If you have a securities class action claim and wish to serve as a lead plaintiff in this or any other class action matter, you may complete a certification form here. Class Action World will distribute completed certification forms addressing this securities class action lawsuit only to law firms that agree to make securities class action litigation case documents available to registrants and the class action community. The sole objective of Class Action World is to serve as an independent and objective resource dedicated to providing free and timely securities class action, antitrust class action, ERISA class action, and consumer class action related news and information to the public. Each shareholder, stockholder, or investor who sustained a loss and is seeking to claim a financial recovery can help Class Action World accomplish this by completing and remitting a certification form in connection with this securities class action lawsuit.
A consumer class action is a legal action brought by a class action lawyer on behalf of a large number of people with similar legal claims involving common questions of law and fact. They share a common interest and are joined together in a group (the class) to sue a wrongdoer, usually a company or an a organization. Their legal claims, which are advocated by the representative class action lawyer, usually involve a consumer product, a fraudulent or misleading business practice, or a deceptive financial practice. Many consumer class actions involve financial issues such as improper billing practices, overcharges, and failure to honor warranties. A product liability class action is a class action brought by a class action lawyer on behalf of a large number of people, ordinarily with claims of negligence pertaining to products, policies, or conditions. A product liability class action typically involves a product defect and the central claims in a product liability class action usually involve design defects, manufacturing defects, or marketing defects. The definition of “product” is very broad and may include virtually anything that is manufactured, although it also may include livestock, produce, pets, and real estate. A product liability class action is a specific type of consumer class action. Certain product liability actions may also involve personal injury which may be litigated by a personal injury lawyer.

Class Action World understands that the following consumer class action litigations have either been filed or are being contemplated by class action law firms:

  • Dangerous consumer products
  • Unauthorized telephone charges
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Unauthorized Webloyalty charges
  • Unauthorized disclosure of credit card information
  • Illegal debt collection practices
  • Predatory lending practices
  • Excessive loan servicing charges
  • Unfair credit reporting
  • Pharmaceutical liability (concerning items such as Fosamax, Tequin, Trasylol, Paxil, Viagra, Zyprexa, Bextra, Ortho Evra, Baycol, Propulsid aka Cisapride, Rezulin, Oxycontin, Fen-Phen, Lotronex, Ephedra aka Ma Huang, Phenylpropanolamine aka PPA, Citris Aurantium aka Synephrine, Kava, Lipokinetix, Yohimbe, Tiatricol, Aristolochic Acid, and Vioxx.)
  • Product liability (concerning items such as the Smith & Nephew orthopedic implant, Boston Scientific Corp “Taxus Express” stent, Guidant Corporation implantable cardioverter defibrillators, St. Jude Symmetry sutureless anastomosis bypass connector device, Gynacare Intergel adhesion prevention solution, Ancure Endograft, Encore orthopedic device, Depuy polyethylene knee and hip joint replacements, AMO contact lens solution, ReNu MoistureLoc, automobile cruise control switch fires, automobile roll-over injuries, power window injuries, packaged food salmonella contamination, popcorn lung, pet food contamination, lead painted products, flammable clothing, defective cribs, heaters, power tools, and other products.)

If you are interested in participating in matters such as these, either as an individual or as a class member, please click here

Note that Class Action World does not take any position on any class action, and Class Action World does not offer opinions or advice on any class action. Moreover, Class Action World is not associated with any law firm and receives no compensation from law firms for referrals. All law firms receiving certification forms or plaintiff contact information from Class Action World are selected solely based upon the following criteria:

  • Prior experience. For example, if an individual action or class action involves a failure to pay overtime, Class Action World will search for law firms that have previously litigated this issue.
  • Cost Mitigation. For example, if an individual action or class action involves a New York company, Class Action World will search for law firms in the New York region in order to minimize the amount of the attorneys’ reimbursable (from the class members’ settlement fund) air travel, hotel, and other costs.
  • Prior Results. We evaluate prior class action settlement results (weeding out those law firms who, in our view, favor quick small dollar or coupon settlements in order to collect a quick legal fee).
  • Attorney Fees. We weed out those law firms whose fees we consider to be excessive in relation to the benefits to members of the class.
  • Use Of Experts. We weed out those law firms using in-house “experts” (to generate incremental law firm revenue) as opposed to hiring the most qualified outside experts.
  • Law Firm Size And Case Load. We have observed that the size of a law firm does not ordinarily matter (there are numerous small law firms that do outstanding work), although its case load does matter. We, therefore, assess the law firm’s class action case load to evaluate whether or not the law firm will be able to properly and expediently litigate the new class action matter.

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