Law Firm Ratings

The following is a list of the law firms that are actively engaged in class action litigation. If we missed one, please let us know.

Because comments regarding your experience with these firms may be helpful to others in making important decisions, we encourage you to provide feedback regarding your experience. In this regard, your comments would be appreciated whether you are/were a class member, a vendor who sold products, an independent contractor or a former employee who performed services, an individual who called for information, or anyone who had any other dealings with any of these firms.

While we expect that most feedback will be positive, we recognize that negative feedback may occasionally be posted.

In fairness to the law firm, before providing negative feedback, we ask that you speak with a senior partner and make every effort to afford the law firm an opportunity to cure the problem or resolve the dispute. If, after having tried this route, you wish to post negative feedback, please provide sufficient specificity so that the law firm will be able to investigate the matter and provide a comment in response. For example, if you are a court reporter who performed services and were not paid in full by a law firm, please specify the case and the date of service. In this manner, the law firm might determine that an error had occurred and post a reply stating that the unpaid balance has been paid, or the law firm might dispute the charge and note the reason for non-payment. In either instance, visitors to this site will benefit from the comments. Finally, you are always able to revise your rating based upon a change in circumstances.

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