What to do if you’re not getting paid for all your overtime at work?

What to do if you’re not getting paid for all your overtime at work?

The workplaces are always a mess as employees always have some allegations against the HR department. Not getting paid for the overtime is one of the common issues that many employees face while working in a workplace. Usually, employees do not make an argument against such problems as they believe that nobody would listen to their problem.

Well, if you believe that you don’t have any rights to speak against this brutal act then you’re completely wrong because as an employee you have the permission to speak for your rights and you must get paid for the extra hours that you have spent working in your office. If you did not get paid overtime, you must contact the HR department and talk to them about this problem.

The HR department will definitely help in solving this problem but if they deny helping you out, you must not be disappointed because there are other higher authorities that can help you in such problems. The anger and anxiousness is not the proper solution to this problem. You must stay calm and comfortable while talking to the higher authorities because angry behavior can get you into some trouble.

Here are the important tips that you must follow if you’re not getting paid for all your overtime at work.

Send official mails

You’re working in an official workplace. So, if you’re not getting paid for your efforts, you must deal with this problem in an official manner so that you can easily show the proof to the higher authorities while talking to them on your rights. If you keep track of the emails you send to the different officials in this regard, you’ll be gathering a lot of proves in your favor. These pieces of evidence will help in showing innocence while you’re talking to the higher authorities.

Be polite

The politeness is the key to become a successful employee. You must stay polite with the employers and the higher authorities unless they hurt your self-respect. The rude behavior during a conversation puts a negative impact on the listener. Therefore, you must be careful enough while talking to the HR or any other administrator of the company.

Talk to your seniors

The seniors are aware of the nature of the employers so they can provide you the better solution to deal with the employer in this situation. They can even help in raising your claim to the higher authorities. You must consider building a strong relationship with the senior employees so that they can help you in the difficult situations.